About the company

220012, Minsk,
Kalinina str., 9.
E-mail: belmetrospecstroy@tut.by
Tel. / fax: +375 (17)  280-06-45
Tel. / fax: +375 (17)  280-26-99
About the company
The Belarusian enterprise «Belmetrospetsstroy» began its nice history in 1980 as the Minsk site «Sojuzmetrospetsstroy». In 1996 it has changed the status and was renamed into Joint-Stock Company «Belmetrospetsstroy». But, despite the gained independence, the organisation continues to cooperate closely in exchanging the best practices with «big brother» - «Sojuzmetrospetsstroy».

«Belmetrospetsstroy» was the first enterprise on the post-Soviet territory to master effective technology of dry facing which has been applied on large building objects of the Belarusian capital, among which are The National library of Belarus, railway station, 22 underground stations, The Independence square and the Victory square. Works on reconstruction of K.Marx Street are already being conducted, painting and decorating of a cultural-sports complex «Minsk-arena» begun. Throughout 28 years of its activity the company has confirmed the deserved reputation of the diligent contractor. In 2008 The Joint-Stock Company «Belmetrospetsstroj» was awarded by the diploma «Labour valour of Russia» for its labour merits. In 2005 the enterprise received the Medal for the big contribution to reconstruction of the highway Adler - the Red Glade on tunnel building.

Activity good results have been achieved unconditionally , due to the workers of the organisation and its talented head - Boris Gereginovich Sagateljan who has been managing «Belmetrospetsstroy» from the very beginning. The director of the enterprise was awarded the order «Friendship of the people» for personal labour achievements in 1991, and in 2008 he got The Medal «Labour valour of Russia».
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