About the company

220012, Minsk,
Kalinina str., 9.
E-mail: belmetrospecstroy@tut.by
Tel. / fax: +375 (17)  280-06-45
Tel. / fax: +375 (17)  280-26-99
Closed Corporation "Belmetrospetsstroj" provides the following services:
  1. Supply of products from a natural stone (a granite, marble).
  2. Internal painting works (with the simple and improved covering) and external (with the simple and improved covering).
  3. The Device of floors with a covering from piece materials.
  4. External and internal facing works.
  5. Works on the conformation of stone constructions.
  6. Works on the conformation of monolithic and installation of sectional concrete and reinforced concrete constructions.
  7. Installation works of supporting and fencing metal designs.
  8. Installation works and the conformation of supporting wooden constructions.
  9. External plaster works.
  10. Roofing works.
  11. Hydro insulating and warmth insulating works.
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